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Natasha Searls-Punter

After the success of the first part, we are building on our skills for the second part of the Monogramming Online Class Series. This time we will be introduced to the foundations of traditional monogramming in the form of stem, outline and satin stitch. We will get comfortable with using these stitches and changing from one to the other seamlessly.

Working on Denim, this style of monogramming uses some of the foundation elements of classical monogramming, but it doesn’t take itself too seriously. We will work on a playful 15mm high, 2 letter monogram together; discussing angles, changing between the stitches and how to approach the letters. Showing you these stitches from several view points, from the front and back, we hope to give you a well rounded view of how to get the most out of your stitches.

Once again, there is no kit for this class, we will just be advising what you can use, a lot of which we hope you will already have at home. Where possible we offer alternatives to get you started and equipment you might like to purchase can be obtained from our website so you can just buy what you need.

The final part of this series will become available to purchase from the London Embroidery School Website from next Friday. In which we will look at smaller, serif style monogramming, the kind you might find on shirts or handkerchiefs.

With that in mind, get practising on this next section and I’m sure we’ll see you again next week.

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