You’ve been asking for it and we have heard you!

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Natasha Searls-Punter

You’ve been asking for it, and we have been listening so today we are announcing a new online series dedicated to the Art of Monogramming! Even more excitingly as a thank-you for your seemly endless support which we have been absolutely overwhelmed by over the past few months, the first part of this series will be free!

Monogramming is a very technical area of embroidery and so for the first part, we will be taking it right back to basics and hopefully, taking away any complexity barrier that might stop you from getting started.

During this complimentary class we will encourage you to start with things you are likely to already have at home. Therefore there are no kits required for this class or indeed the rest of the series, we will just make suggestions on how you can go about approaching this way of working.

Classes 2 and 3 will build on your newly kindled interest in embroidered lettering, going into more classic styles as you build up skills.  These will become available to purchase from the London Embroidery School Website on the two following Fridays. Although these classes are a series, each part will focus on a particular approach to lettering and so can also be enjoyed as a stand alone.


The only thing you need to decide now, is what you want to embroider on first?

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