Inspired by the Visionary Drawings of Emma Kunz

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HH Intern

After visiting the Emma Kunz exhibition of visionary drawings at the Serpentine Gallery in May our intern Max was inspired by the artists use of geometrics, spirographs and straight lines. Emma Kunz would ask questions to a computer and using a pendulum and this would this result in a series of spirographs and abstract structured patterns. From this research Max was asked to develop a collection of samples for contemporary bridal wear.

A starting point was to take photographs at the exhibition as well as research into contemporary bridal wear and develop mood-boards that would create a coherent story for her samples. She created one mood-board for research photography, combing Emma Kunz’s work with bridal wear and another that went into more detail of techniques and materials.

From these moodboards Max started developing drawings and recreating the lines and patterns seen in the exhibition.

These drawings allowed her to begin samples. As Max progressed with her embroidery techniques she produced a range of samples using thread to create the lines seen in Kunz’s work.

Max saw the potential for digital embroidery in this project. The neat lines and geometrics could be best interpreted by a machine and this was also reflective of the way Kunz would use a computer in her art work.


Max looked into developing pieces for bridesmaids as well as brides by using beautiful mushroom and rose gold satins with organza.

Her final sample was created on a digital embroidery machine with white satin and organza which she has selectively cut away and added subtle embellishment as a finishing touch.

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