New Date for the Lace Series Course

Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

On Saturday 24th November, we will be having a full day’s workshop dedicated to lace embroidery. Starting with Lace Applique, we will later move onto Broiderie Anglaise and finishing up with some Limerick Lace . We will introduce you to the techniques used in each of these styles of embroidery that give them their signature look whilst you practise a little of each.
Lace Applique. Starting with the original class we will be teaching the application of lace onto delicate fabrics, perfect for use on lingerie and evening wear. Dealing mainly with tension and placement this class will show you a very clever way of covering a lot of ground with pattern very quickly once in your stride.
Broiderie Anglaise. This tradition whitework lace technique creates an opaque cut work effect and will teach from applying your desired design onto cotton right through to creating the lace effect and stitches.
Limerick Lace. Incredibly delicate needlework lace created by stitching directly into the tulle and embracing the textures and patterns within the tulle itself. (reference flower image at the top in this style also)

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