Pro Tips: Open Sided Thimble

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Natasha Searls-Punter

A firm favourite with our inhouse embroiderers, this thimble may not look like your standard thimble but it sure does the job. Looking more like a piece of jewellery than a piece of equipment, the open sided thimble has cage back of this thimble allow it to fit snugly over your finger and allow for size adjustments. This leaves the top open making it great for longer nails and allows it to be flatter across the body of the nail so it cant slip around your finger whilst you use it.

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The ‘pad’ is dotted to help to catch the needle, with a lip at the top so can add a bit of extra pressure for getting through the toughest bits without the risk of the needle shooting painfully under you nail.

The open sided thimble come in a range of sizes, which are each adjustable as well. Officially they are bronze coloured but get brighter and more goldy with use (gold star to the person with the shiniest therefore most used thimble!)



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