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Mellor, if you have looked at goldwork classes then you have probably come across this word and possibly not really known what it meant. Pronounced ‘Mel-Ore’, the mellor is a laying tool specially designed for us with goldwork to encourage the embroiderer to handle the goldwork as little as possible for fear of damaging it or discolouring it with the oils from the skin.

It is a little gold paddle shaped tool which has a smooth curved edge one end which can be used to reshape open curves such as those you might find if you are couching pearl purl for example. The other end is narrower but also rounded (so not to leave an corner impression on your bullion). This end can be used to encourage you stitches into the correct position with the point which fingertips may be too big to get into. This end can also be used to catch the thread under whilst you are pulling your thread with cutwork on it though the fabric so that the thread doesn’t twist or get caught up in the rough edge of the cutwork. This allows for even tension throughout your piece which will create a superior finish when all of your cutwork is evenly layed regardless of the direction you have stitched it in.

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The London Embroidery School mellors are available in the specialist equipment section of the website. If you are unsure about any of the uses above, why not join us for a goldwork class where you will be introduced to using your mellor effectively along with a whole host of exciting, traditional goldwork effects.

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