Pro Tips: Pointy Tweezers

Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

These pointy tweezers might look a bit frightening (and they are if you accidentally catch yourself with them) but they are very handy for all sorts of projects. They come with a little cover over the points to protect the ends as well as you!

For goldwork they can be great for getting down in-between your raisings to rearrange a misshapen piece of purl of capture a stray thread.

They can be used to hold and tension your tying off thread if it breaks quite short so you can cut it off cleanly with a scissors which makes them great for both hand and machine embroiderers alike.

For machine embroidery, they are very handy for getting between the needles and catching the thread from behind when threading the needle so you can secure it cleanly without contourting your fingers or impailing them (bonus!).

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Should you find that through dropping them or use, the points are not lining up as well as they once were, you can manipulate them back into alignment manually against a hard surface.


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