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Are you familiar with the movie Murder on the Orient Express? Did you marvel at the astounding visuals? We know, we did! We loved the set, the alluring cinematic feel, and most importantly the characters who were dressed impeccably.

We are proud to be have Hattie McGill, who was involved in making some of the garments worn in the movie, willbe teaching classes from June to August 2018.




Hattie, who trained at The Royal School of Needlework, has a deep love for embroidery. Beginning at the age of 3, on a project for her mother to celebrate Mother’s Day. Since then, she has been hooked, engaging in this passion of hand embroidery, and has come far. Hattie has worked on several international embroidery projects such as marvel movie Dr Strange, Game of Thrones and with fashion house Alexander McQueen.



Aside from making superhero costumes, she’s a lover of nature. Creating beautiful crustaceans stitch by stitch and then throwing parties with them. Meet Jean Shrimpton, who latched on Hattie’s collar.


Learn to make your own lobster at London Embroidery School with Hattie herself this summer!


Come join us and engage in both conversation with Hattie and learn how to make one of her fantastic Goldwork lobsters, so that we can throw a disco party.

You can keep up to date with Hattie:

Website: https://www.hattiemcgillembroidery.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hattiemcgillembroidery/


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