Revolution Starts With A Needle

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It starts with an X… Mr X stitch, some of you lovely readers out there may be aware of the blog Mr X Stitch. Its a wonderful site filled with tips and tricks, beautiful work, humour and even tutorials.  Posts from all kinds of people, budding craters and manufacturers, its a wonderful place to look for inspiration.


The site has been running since 2008, and has just launched its own magazine!!! Here at London Embroidery school we couldn’t wait to get our mitts on a copy.  You can get yours here!

Issue 1 is called Revolution, the pages are teaming with thought provoking and exciting cross stitch designs for you to try at home! Each design come with a write up from each artist who came up with the designs, which makes a fascinating read. All of the designs have a voice, a different challenge, probably the hardest one would be which cross stitch do you start with.

Mr X Stitch has also made sure no one will be left out of the cross stitch revolution, there are very clear and well photographed tutorials, so wether you are a cross stitch pro or just starting the craft you will be able to take on any of the designs.


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