Introduction to Wilcom New Class



Introduction to Wilcom – a brand new class designed to guide machine embroiders to unleash their creative minds and create something beautiful.

Wilcom is a very powerful tool when it comes to machine embroidery, allowing you to create bespoke designs for your every need, from monograms to logos to anything you can imagine. The software can be utilised on all kinds of digital embroidery machines.  This is the main software used at or sister company Hawthorne and Heaney where they create some fantastic work.

This course will be taught by a wilcom wizard from the company to show you

– The basics of Wilcom
– How to create a design start to finish
– How to use an array of of stitches such as satin, tatami and running stitch.

Bring your on designs and our wilcom wizard will show you how to transform your artwork into stitches!

The course is taught over 8 hours, and is broken up by a 1 hour lunch break. It will provide a comprehensive introduction of using Wilcom, so that you can manipulate your skills to suit your own future projects.

So Join us on Saturday 30th September 2017 – 9:00-18:00 at London Embroidery School,

If you would like to book, Please give us a call on (0) 203 239 0422 or book online here.



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