Tambour 2 Day Weekend Workshop

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The London Embroidery School is now running a two day Tambour Beading Course which takes place on weekends. This is an intensive workshop that is an introduction to the couture skill of tambour, through to some of the more professional applications of the technique.

Saturday: At the start we will focus on the essential tambour chain stitches. Learning the knack of the hook, through the fabric and then the process of creating the loop stitch which is the basis of all tambour work. Once you have got the hang of the stitches, we will focus on using your newly found skills to learn to apply beads and sequins to fabric.

Sunday: Moving on from Saturday’s line based skills, we will concentrate on developing into fill techniques. Firstly bricking – which encourages the refinement and regularity of your stitches and then Vermicelli – which works on constantly changing direction. This ensures you are focusing on your tension and helps to create smooth curves.

Finally, we will cover another dimension entirely by testing your stitch technique through two layers of fabric, specifically lace, and the introduction of different sized hooks.  Appliqué is a crafty way of filling areas when needed and is a perfect companion for tambour.


The next workshop is on Saturday 26th August & Sunday 27th August – 10am – 4:30pm so click here book your place now!

Your purchase will include your very own table clamp frame and tambour hook and handle, which you can then take home after the workshop to practice!

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