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Our private tuition option is increasing in popularity all the time. It is a great option for people who would like to take some classes with us but the group classes aren’t quite the right fit.

So if you are in London for a limited amount of time, or you learn best one on one, or the times of the group classes do not suit you then Private tuition might be the better way for you to learn with us.

Prices start at £45 per hour during studio hours (minimum booking 2 hours) during which you can learn any of our usual techniques, or if you are looking for something specific then get in touch. Depending on what you want to learn and what level you are at will dictate how long we suspect you will need, but we can advise you on this. Usually held in our quiet North London lounge space, it is more relaxing than the bussle of the Soho studio and more intimate than a group class.

If this sounds up your street, set in touch with us as we can look into convenient times and dates. Email

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