Great Toronto: New Artist Textiles at the Fashion and Textiles Museum



To celebrate London Design Festival, the Fashion & Textile Museum held a pop-up exhibition taken from the Textile Museum of Canada. The collection, Greater Toronto: New Artist Textiles, made its first appearance outside of North America at the Fashion & Textile museum, where it displayed fabric print designs from ten Canadian artists. The collection exploring from tonal,abstract designs to colourful and graphic designs.

As you enter the museum the work is all hung from the ceiling and reach down to the floor creating a dramatic impact of each design. Each design had a bold, graphic print exploring imagery of animals, architecture and linear patterns, all brought together by using warm colours of orange, red and blue to form more of a collection eventhough they are all by different artists.

The collection includes work from artists such as Jaime Angelopoulos, who works by translating subjective experiences of sensations, emotions and behaviour into physical medium like drawing or sculpture. Her drawings are bright with colour, using lines to weave throughout each other to create interesting abstract shapes.

Work from artist Ed Pien is also featured, whose work is more expressive, showing delicate linear drawings with ink, which almost look like mono-prints and artist Gary Taxili who creates retro, pop art style of work play with colour blocking and combining word with image to create communicative work.

Ed Pien

Gary Taxili


The collection also includes work from

  • Kim Adams
  • Bill Burns
  • Lyn Carter
  • Bonne Devine
  • Tazeen Qayyin
  • Ann Raina

To look at the collection, visit the Textile Museum of Canada website as it is only on show in London for 1 weekend.

London Design Festival runs from the 17th- 25th of September.

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