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We have featured links to the work of Catherine Frere-Smith previously on the London Embroidery School Facebook and Twitter page but as her pieces were so popular we thought we would let you get to know the artist a little better!

Catherine Bennett (designing under her maiden name Frere-Smith)

Catherine Frere-Smith is a textile designer and artist based in Canterbury, England, United Kingdom. She creates hand crafted objects and printed textiles for both fashion and interiors. Many of her works are very traditional using embroidery stitches and techniques. To allow Catherine to stand out from your average embroiderer she tends to put a contemporary twist on some of her pieces to catch the viewer’s eye!

The Old Farm House – Catherine Frere-Smith

Catherine likes to combine detailed illustrations, fabric manipulation and embroidery to create stunning nature inspired collections.  In this collection, the idea of recycling and sustainability has definitely been a main focus. Catherine has created two dresses that are reversible with a different design on each side.

Make a Bird Collection – Catherine Frere-Smith

Fox/Badger Print – Catherine Frere-Smith

Catherine graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2011 and has continued to develop her specialist skills in Print and CAD into her recent collections. For her final major project in final year she decided to recall memories from her childhood home, an old farm house.

Family of Birds – Catherine Frere-Smith
Not only did she create pieces that were visually appealing but also emotionally durable that the people she shared the childhood memories with could also connect to.

Build a House Print – Catherine Frere-Smith

This print, entitled ‘build a house’ has been created so when cut up, can be sewn back together to make a miniature model of the old farm house in which Catherine lived.

Blue Tit – Catherine Frere- Smith

As part of her final collection Catherine, created a range of hand embroidered fabric birds. At first glance some could mistake them for real birds as her colour choice is very accurate to the real thing. These birds have become very popular and the collection continues to grow as more have been purchased.

Finch – Catherine Frere-Smith

Summer flowers and vintage fabrics always caught Catherine’s eye so in this project she produced a collection of 3D fabric pieces.

Floral Collar Details – Catherine Frere-Smith

Many processes including fabric stiffening, burning and heavy hand embroidery were used to create this unique natural look.

  Embroidered Flowers – Catherine Frere-Smith

If you would like to see more of Catherine’s work don’t hesitate to check out her website

By Philippa Martin

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