Meet the Team: Pearl (Tutor/Stitching Extraordinaire)

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At London Embroidery School, we pride ourselves on our enthusiastic tutors, with expert embroidery skills and fantastic personalities! Pearl is one of our main tutors, who often takes our evening courses, weekend workshops and private tuition classes. Here are a few questions we asked her to help you get to know her:

How did you first become interested in embroidery and textiles?
Since being a young child I was fascinated with costume and history, this lead me to start creating my own stitch projects centred on things that interested and inspired me.
 Where did you study, and what is your favourite outcome from it?
 I studied embroidery at the Royal school of Needlework and I would have to say my favourite outcome is the wonderful peers and embroiderers that it introduced me to.
How long have you been teaching others Embroidery, and what sort of techniques do you specialise in?
I’ve been teaching embroidery for nearly a year but I have always liked sharing my passion for stitch, my specialist techniques would have to be Goldwork and silk shading. Although I enjoy all the techniques I was taught I feel that these two in particular fired my imagination.
What is your favourite technique to teach and why?
My favourite technique to teach is definitely Goldwork as I adore how enthusiastic and excited people get about this type of embroidery, maybe it’s all the sparkles?
What creative things do you get up to in your spare time?
When I’m not teaching I like to paint miniatures in egg tempera, practice my millinery and pursue my passion for costume. I’m currently venturing into painting and dyeing costumes.

Is there any embroidery technique that you have yet to master and wish to learn in the near future?
I love ribbon work at the moment I’m currently having a bash at it and I also really want to learn Russian Bead Embroidery.
Thanks Pearl! If you’d like to meet our lovely Pearl in person, book one of her classes and you can pose your own questions to her.

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