Sue Rangeley



If you haven’t yet come across Sue Rangeley’s embroidery works, then keep reading!

Sue Rangeley is a textile artist who specialises in machine stitch and mixed media embroidery. We love her style of work, combining open work with 3D and modern techniques.

Rangeley often makes pieces as fashion, accessory and interior commissions, all floral and nature inspired to fit with her signature style.

Aside from her beautiful embroidered pieces, Sue Rangeley has also been involved in countless exhibitions, and even has her own publication entitled Embroidered Originals.

This is a fantastic book that takes the reader through step-by-step instructions on how to re-create some of the stunning effects she has developed through years of experimentation.

For more details about Sue Rangeley’s work and her journey to becoming the artist she is today, visit her website, which is bursting with even more images and details of her wonderful embroidery work!

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