The History of Limerick Lace

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Limerick Lace is a fragile technique that requires practice and patience to become proficient. It is the art of embroidering net to make beautiful, lacy pieces that are extremely delicate and time bearing. There are two types to master; Limerick Tambour and Limerick Run Lace.

19th Century Irish Limerick Lace

Limerick Lace originated in the Far East, and is believed to have been brought to Europe through Turkey in the 18th Century.

The name Limerick Lace comes from Limerick in Ireland, where Mr. Charles Walker set up a lace manufacturing business in 1829 after a machine for making net was invented in Nottingham in the early 1800’s. Mr. Walker produced mainly Limerick Tambour in his factory.

A less traditional way to handle Limerick Lace

The business was thriving, until unfortunately the standard declined and the factory was sold on in 1841.

Limerick Run Lace

Although the art has somewhat decreased in popularity, there are still lace makers  who are keeping the tradition alive, and you could be one of them! Here at London Embroidery School we teach Limerick run lace, which can be learnt on our Lace Series course and our individual Limerick Lace class.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions about the classes!

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