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As embroiderers, we cannot help but be infatuated by the beautiful embroideries seen in Game of Thrones! London based embroiderer Michele Carragher – with a degree from the London College of Fashion, is the talented embroiderer behind the wonderful details on the costumes that can be seen throughout the series.

We love the attention to detail in this exquisite leafy design that must have required hours of work!

One of the things we love to praise Michele Carragher on is the 3D elements she incorporates in a lot of her work. These details are often unnoticed and underestimated on the television screen, however, after looking closer you can begin to appreciate the hard work and long hours that go into a single piece!

Carragher never fails to impress with her attention to detail and beautifully unique stitch work. She uses mainly traditional embroidery techniques, whilst occasionally combining them with more modern techniques and materials.

This beautiful layered fabric is one of Carragher’s textural pieces, which undoubtedly reflect’s the effect of dragon scales for the ‘Mother of Dragons’ in the latest season.

Lucky fans of the series and it’s wonderful costumes were given the opportunity to see the fantastic craftsmanship at the Game of Thrones exhibition last February, where they could get up close and personal with some of Michele’s work.

We would love to have been at the exhibition to see the costumes and appreciate the fantastic stitch work first hand!

After admiring the details of Carragher’s work over photographs, all we can do now is wait for the next season to be released, at the hope it brings us ever more impressive embroidery by Michele Carragher!


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