Beautiful Creations at Ecole Lesage Embroidery School

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Ecole Lesage Interiors Embroidery Production

After looking at what different techniques are taught at foreign embroidery schools – in particular Ecole Lesage in Pais, London Embroidery school have been captivated by some of the final outcomes their courses can provide, and how they differ to our traditional English embroideries.

Ecole Lesage Interiors Embroidery Final Outcome

François Lesage founded his prestigious French embroidery school in 1992 to train the art of highly renowned embroidery in his unique style, and has since trained over 400 students a year!

Ecole Lesage ‘Frieze’

We have fallen in love with the outcomes of some of their courses, like this beautiful mounted piece (above) using chenille and cotton flat stitch, a French solution to applying beads.

The piece takes a total of approximately 30 hours to complete!

Ecole Lesage ‘Discovering the Hook’

Another piece we loved was the outcome for the 12 hour ‘Discovering the Hook’ course. The pieces require a combination of needlework stitches, as well as using a lunéville (also known as tambour) hook to apply beads, sequins and jewellery; the Parisian alternative to tambour beading using a barring stitch.

This gorgeous embellished clutch bag wouldn’t go amiss on the Chanel catwalk, and is just one example of the many classes available at Ecole Lesage Paris for beginners.

So if you’re interested in a unique Parisian experience by learning French embroidery techniques, there may be a course for you!

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