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We have recently been adding some new course dates, including the Goldwork Weekend Workshop (with two dates to chose from) and the Tambour Beading Weekend Workshop in March.

During the 6 hour day goldwork workshop, you will be shown 4 goldwork techniques and two raising techniques, starting with the simplest to grasp and progressing onto the trickier ones as the day goes on.

The whole day will be enough to become familiar with the skills, however it requires practice to become proficient.

By the end of our tambour beading workshop which runs from 10am to 4:30pm, you will leave with enough assistance to continue your practice, and grow your skills to become confident with the technique.

Starting with the simple chain stitch will help you to become familiar with the initial technique before you can then move onto beads and sequins throughout the day.

With both workshops nearing closer, don’t forget to book your place before they sell out!

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