New spring dates added for the Tambour with feathers class

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Due to public demand, we have released new Spring dates for the Tambour with Feathers Course. This intermediate Tambour Class works on using the Tambour hook in conjunction with more challenging and delicate materials. The Feathers can prove quite a challenge and will push the skills which you will have learnt in the Couture Beading (Tambour) Course. Next Course Dates will be 4th March, 18th March and 1st April

Of course if only one of these techniques takes your fancy, you can buy just a single class from the course in the classes section.

If its been a little while since you have had a Tambour class and are not feeling too confident of your Tambour skills, there is the Tambour refresher class on the 25th February to jog your memory and make sure you get the most out of the Tambour with Feathers course. At only £20 its a steal!

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