Lady Bird Bug Ball Workshop with Claire Moynihan

Picture of Natasha Searls-Punter

Natasha Searls-Punter

Following the success of last summers guest workshop with Michele Carraghere, we have another one off guest class with the textile artist Claire Moynihan. Claire has developed her own style of embroidery, working in 3D to create these sculptures, which are affectionately known as ‘Bug balls’. Through the use of her technique which can only loosely be described as stump work, Claire has created a huge range of insect which she presents somewhat ironically as traditional entomological collections.

Claire combines her own techniques with some more traditional embroidery stitches to create these miniature pieces of vegetarian taxidermy. There is a real sense of dedication to the level of detail and accuracy with which Claire creates her embroideries on felt.

We think these pieces are simply delightful, if you would like to learn how to make it yourself directly from the creator, then click here to book a place on this one off workshop. The workshop will be held at our Islington Studio on Saturday 25th July 2015 10.00am-6.00pm.


For more of these beauties, follow Claire on twitter @ClaireMoynihan. You can also see a great collection of her works at the upcoming Mixed Summer Exhibition in Byard Art, Cambridge or Seven Artists at Letchworth Art Centre.

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