New Year+New Resolution= New skills!

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Natasha Searls-Punter

Fed up of making the same new years resolutions every year and never making it out of January? Going to have a go at giving up the cigarettes or alcohol or that crazy new diet? Why not try something different this year and make it your resolution to learn a new skill instead? Sounds like a plan I hear you say, so take a look at the courses and classes we have to offer this new year.

We have new dates for the traditional Tambour beading and Goldwork embroidery courses along with the return of the Lace Series due to popular demand. The silk flower making course and the tambour through feathers courses will make a reappearance in the spring as demand dictates.

Also keep an eye out for new classes which are currently in development coming your way later in the year.

And remember we are still open for suggestions if there is something we aren’t teaching that you are desperate to learn from the embroidery world, email!

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