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Natasha Searls-Punter

At the London Embroidery School we try to offer as many times as possible to come and learn embroidery around your other commitments, but if you find that the class times and days we have are not suitable for you then London Embroidery School can also offer private tuition.

This can be arranged around your own schedule and is much more flexible than our weekly classes.   LES can offer office hours as well as evenings and some weekend classes (all subject to prior arrangement).  All of these classes are held in our working studio.

These classes are ideal if you have a limited amount of time to spend in London for example if you are visiting from overseas and looking to fit in as much as possible in the time you have. Even if you are a little shy and feel you learn better one on one rather than in a group or work unusual hours, these private classes are essential. Students can arrange to have a one on one session or series of sessions with our practising, RSN trained tutor.

Private tuition classes are tailored to your needs and interests so if you are looking for an unusual combination of of experience then personal tuition is a good way to achieve that.

If it is something that you would be interested in, contact us and we can discuss your needs and availability with a view to booking you in.

The tuition is charged by the hour with a minimum of 2 hours per session, £45 during studio hours (Monday-Friday 10-5) or £65 for evenings or weekends.  If there are a few of you looking to learn together get in touch as we can also accommodate small parties !

Looking forward to hearing from you all !!!


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