Our First Couture Beading Beginners Class!



This Wednesday we had our first ever tambour beading beginners class.  Everyone was enthusiastic and ready to learn, so after tea and cake to start we sat down and went over the basics.  Tambour can be a very hard technique to master and very frustrating before you have the knack, so when the gin break came at 8 everyone was keen for a little respite which was spent talking about how to make embroidery work for new designers and also our most recent work trip to india for Hawthorne & Heaney.  We were joined by young designer Maenia Otiera, fashion and art show directors for the likes of Vivienne Westwood and Lee Paton, Luke and Simon Casey Browne and a few other aspiring designers and crafty folk.  It was a great bunch and being half girls and half boys definitely bought out a competitive streak in a few.  We are looking forward to the next class on the 3rd May hopefully see you there !

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